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We are your one-stop-shop for managing your wealth and money.

We understand that managing your finances can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to saving, investing, and creating a sustainable diversified portfolio. That’s why we’ve created a platform that simplifies the process and helps you achieve your financial goals.

Why Sortika?

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Brian Okello

Save Seamlessly

The app has been useful especiallly with the passive savings. Now am disciplined with my savings and it has become effortless and seamless to do it via sortika app.

Rated /5
MaryAnne Njambi

Being your own boss

The Be Your Own Bank goal concept makes me feel like I am running my own bank. From saving, to accessing self loan and being able to repay myself, increasing my cashflow.

Rated /5
Red Cooper

Budget with no fees

The budget planner has helped me monitor my expenses and income. I have been able to track how I use my money and that has helped me adjust when need be.

Rated /5

Our Goals?

Our goal is to empower individuals to take control of their finances and reach their financial goals through innovative savings, budgeting and investment solutions.

We help you save and meet the goals that matter to you.

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Use your savings & investments on the app to lend or borrow.

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[E-Chama] Save, invest, lend and borrow as a group.

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Simple way to build a sustainable savings culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know us more? Explore the answered frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Sortika is a mobile based personal wealth management solution, that allows customers to create and meet their wealth building and life goals.

Download Sortika app from Google Play Store or App Store (link to download) Fill in your details. Create the goal you would want to save in from the listed goals. Start saving. (Passively or actively)

Information collected is a KYC (Know Your Customer)) requirement by Capital Markets Authority (CMA) the state regulator. The KRA pin is required for the purposes of interest payment.
Passive savings are savings that are tapped from your expenses. Sortika through its Intelligence systems is able to track the expenses and incomes on your digital platforms and able to prompt for passive saving through the M-Pesa STK based on the percentage you have indicated you would want to save from each transaction. Active savings are savings that you directly deposit on the app to your specific goal.
Yes. On the savings and from the investment options you will pick.
Interest on your investment goal is calculated based on the yield of the asset against the amount and the time you have had the money invested in that asset.
Sortika doesn’t require a minimum top –up. You can save from as low as Kes 1. What is the maximum time period for saving and investing? There is no maximum period. You can save and invest for as long as you want.

We have 4 goals on the Sortika app.

  1. BYOB:- The BYOB is an admin defined goal designed with strategies that helps a user operate like a bank. The emergency fund is purely to save funds that would ideally be needed in an emergency. The fund can be used as an income earner by lending the funds therein to other Sortika users.
  2. Savings goals: Under savings goals, we have 3 types:
    Custom goal– This is a user defined goal that only helps the user save and can withdraw at any time
    Premium goal– This is a goal towards purchase of items/services being distributed through Sortika App.
    Fixed goal-These are goals pre-defined by Sortika admin. They have a fixed time and amount.
  3. Investment Goals: These are goals created towards making an investment/to earn a passive income. We provide access to various investment asset classes including but not limited to money market funds, certificate of deposits, REITS, Bonds, treasury bills, off shore stocks, local stocks, Global funds etc.
  4. Group Goals: These are goals by groups such as chamas, self-help group, mchango groups etc. Members create a group and their savings towards the group fall under the category of group goals
Yes. All goal variables are editable that includes amount and time beyond the minimum threshold of the goal.

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