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Powerful features that your transaction requires

Sark gives you convenient features that you need to spend, received, & managing of your money efficiently. Get everything on your phone.

Multiple Method

Multiple methods give the individual is the ability to more cooperative analysis a combination of quantitative methods.

Keeping Secrecy

The secret to money is an app that is designed to change the way you think a keeping secrets helps in building.

Free Transaction

A transaction fee is a charge that a business has to pay for every payment a maximum number of transactions one.

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All types of transactions in just one application

Sark transaction is any money that moves in or out of your account. Types of transactions include cash withdrawals or deposits, online payments, debit card charges, wire transfers, and loan payments.

Bills payments

Paying your bills on time important for taking control of your financial.

Different currencies

Regardless of the form it takes, all currency has the same basic goals.

Intuitive user interface for managing account

Money transfer apps allow you to remit money right from phone. It offers a user-friendly interface requires only a username password

This app is great for consumers who want a precise how much money they have leftover after expenses and bills.Tracking your money is the process of monitoring and keeping a record.

The easiest way is to keep track of all your expenses

Sark is a budgeting app that gives users a holistic view of their expenses & cash flow to help save more money each month. Tracking your money is the process of monitoring & keeping a record.

Track expenses

Tracking your money is the process monitoring your income & expenses

Keep all records

You need good records to monitor the progress of your business earn.

Frequently asked questions about Sark payment app

Sark gives you convenient features that you need to spend, received, & managing of your money efficiently. Get everything on your phone.

Q. How do payments work in apps?

With many mobile payment apps, you use your debit card to pay money into an online account. When you use the app.

Q. How much does a payment app cost?

The cost to build a P2P payment app varies from $100,000 to $150,00 for an MVP. Price is based on a complex of factors.

Q. What is mobile payment method?

Mobile payments (which encompass mobile wallets & mobile money transfers) are regulated transactions that take place.

Q. How many types of payment are there?

When you buy something online, you'll also probably see a dropdown list of all the payment options allowing you to pay.

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